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Optimization of Nutrition TherapyLeads to SIGNIFICANT COST SAVINGS

The Findings are IN: Optimization of Nutrition Therapy WILL lead to significant Cost Savings

There have been many questions about what financial impact early nutrition therapy will have on overall hospital costs.

How can clinical nutrition provide financial benefit to the operation? Well, the results are in.  According to a recent JPEN article “Value of Nutrition Support Therapy: Impact on Clinical and Economic Outcomes in the United States”, optimization of nutrition support therapy is estimated to reduce total Medicare spending by millions of dollars.  The article reviewed literature from the years 2013-2018 to identify the clinical and economic impacts of nutrition intervention on outcomes across 13 therapeutic areas(TAs). TAs are defined by: Sepsis, GI Cancer, hospital-acquired infections, surgical complications and pancreatitis.  The use of advanced enteral nutrition formula could save the hospital $52 million just with Sepsis population.  The total projected annual cost savings from the 5 TAs equaled $580 M.

One submission & acceptance of a malnutrition diagnosis in an acute care setting has a reimbursement rate of $6500!

While these financial outcomes are extraordinary, keep in mind the TAs did not include nutrition diagnosis such as Malnutrition, Failure to Thrive, Sarcopenia, etc. which drive revenue within the hospital system.  One submission & acceptance of a malnutrition diagnosis in an acute care setting has a reimbursement rate of $6500.  30% of all admissions into the acute care setting are suffering from malnutrition. 

are diving deep into physical nutrition assessment and conducting thorough nutritional risk review to identify these instances, more than any other medical discipline. You do the math.  While early intervention of nutrition support can save the hospital millions of dollars, accurate screening and identification of malnutrition can also drive revenue.  

It’s a win-win.   
Clinical nutrition has not been maximized to its full potential to be the driving force for hospital financial success.  MenuLogistics Clinical Dietetic Workbench ensures early nutrition intervention and thorough nutritional review for each patient takes place, in return guaranteeing the hospital maximizes all efforts to save both time & money all while increasing revenue.

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