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Patient Care

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Reducing LOS
& Readmissions

Improving Patient Outcomes

MenuLogistics is the Creator of The Dietetic Workbench, a Stand-Alone Clinical Dietetics Platform

Transforming How RDs Work in Acute Healthcare

MenuLogistics created a workbench strictly for the use of clinical dietitians. Development was supported by following the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics guidelines, incorporating all eNCPT codes to ensure standardization of documentation and regulatory compliance.  The system comes equipped with a unique set of functionalities that truly improve dietitian workflows, allow more face to face time with patients and in return get patients better, faster. 

The 4 Key Results of Utilizing the System Include:

    -Reducing LOS

    -Increasing Reimbursements

    -Decreasing Readmissions

    -Increasing RD Productivity

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Clinical Dietetic Workbench

Streamlining the clinical nutrition process
to improve RD performance & patient outcomes.


Food Service Automation

Using integrated intelligence to
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In my opinion, this is a program that would greatly enhance patient care by providing RDs with an extraordinary tool that allows them to be more efficient, accurate, and patient-centered. Additionally, automatic tracking of productivity, KPIs, and generating revenues ticks all of the boxes to enhance operations management. By utilizing this platform, the hospital should expect reductions in LOS, lower 30-day readmissions, enhanced communications with medical staff, standardized documentation, and improved regulatory compliance. I recommend that this platform be given due consideration for implementation at any healthcare setting.
The Menu Logistics Clinical Dietetics System looks almost too good to be true! It’s the most comprehensive program I’ve ever seen for RD’s to manage Malnutrition, Screening, and Assessments of every type and it integrates with all HIS/EMR vendors. Every hospital should be using this software. The system design supplies EHR optimization through nutrition documentation templates, flowsheets, and fields to showcase outcomes and progress in best practices. While it provides a comprehensive framework to nutrition screening and assessment by using the clinical standards and terminology from AND and ASPEN, it also has multiple customized options.  Dietitians have access to built-in host references, such as pictorial physical assessment standards, lab data ranges, and mathematical formulas, to facilitate customized care provided in a timely manner. The system features include population health logistics, productivity logistics, and other analytic reports for quality improvement monitoring. Administrators will see the value of this Clinical Dietetics System through improved clinician experience, improved patient care, lower costs, and ultimately better outcomes.

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